The #1 D&I book on Wall Street for 3 years straight and a best seller on Amazon.  In today’s increasingly diverse, global, interconnected business world, diversity and inclusion is no longer just the right thing to do, it is a core leadership competency and central to the success of business. Working effectively across differences such as gender, culture, generational, race, and sexual orientation not only leads to a more productive, innovative corporate culture, but also to a better engagement with customers and clients. The Inclusion Dividend provides a framework to tap the bottom line impact that results from an inclusive culture. Most leaders have the intent to be inclusive, however translating that intent into a truly inclusive outcome with employees, customers and other stakeholders requires a focused change effort. The authors explain that challenge and provide straightforward advice on how to achieve the kind of meritocracy that will result in a tangible dividend and move companies ahead of their competition.

"It’s rare to find a business book that so soundly hits the zeitgeist while also capably applying the best social sciences research to an important topic."

− Publishers Weekly

"An insightful read. The Inclusion Dividend sheds light on core concepts for understanding diversity and inclusion dynamics and provides strategies for organizations to realize inclusion’s full impact on the bottom line."

− Edith Hunt, Chief Diversity Officer, Goldman Sachs

"Diversity is a business imperative in today’s global and increasingly complex environment and the evidence is made clear in Kaplan and Donovan’s The Inclusion Dividend, a highly engaging discussion of making sound investments in diverse human capital to reap dividends from clients, customers and become strong partners to our communities."

− Ana Duarte McCarthy, Chief Diversity Officer, Citigroup