When e-Learning Catches up to u-Learning

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A couple of decades ago the point and click video embedded computer based learning that stocks most of our e-learning bookshelves today, was cool, slick, and engaging. They lasted anywhere from 30 to up to 120 minutes with the average module being 45 minutes. There were so many being produced globally, the learning management systems (LMS) could not keep up with the variations, so the file format standard SCORM was introduced. The format of the learning was also informally standardized; opening talking head, agenda, how to work the system, test, intro, test, concept, test, repeat and then the final exam at the end which will determine if you have to go through the entire program again.

All was well and good in the land of computer based learning until the learner changed. Attention span and learning behavior slowly transformed as whole generations were born into the digital age. The onslaught of information available became overwhelming so our brains adapted by scanning huge amounts of data in shorter and shorter periods of time to glean our intended learning goal. RSS feeds gave way to blogs which gave way to 144 character tweets. 90 minute video lectures gave way to 10 minute digestible TED talks. Yet, the e-learning industry did not keep up with this movement. A lot of time and money was invested into creating the 45 minute modules; it felt like moving a mountain to even think about change. However, ask anybody in corporate life today if they are able to pay full attention to a 45 minute e-learning module today? The resounding answer will most likely be ‘No.’

In addition to the mismatched learning media to the learning behavior, you also have the traditional e-learning fee structure of $20-$40+ per module per user price tag. Easy to swallow if you have a small group of learners, but astronomical when you are trying to develop thousands or hundreds of thousands of employees.

At the Dagoba Group, we understood clients were seeking learning alternatives. They wanted to supplement their inclusion learning with a computer based platform, but felt as though they did not have a diversity of choices. “Necessity is the mother of innovation.” We understood the gap between the learning offer and today’s learning behavior. We also saw the need to fit into tighter budgets. Out of this necessity, the Petite Div-I™ was born. They are singular learning concept dynamic graphic video vignettes (D&I shorts). In under 7 minutes, the learner is engaged and provided awareness and application of a diversity and inclusion (D&I) concept. It is formatted for laptops, computers, Apple i-devices, etc so it can play anywhere, anytime the learner wants to be engaged. Standing in line at a Starbucks and have 5 minutes to spare, no problem. Time between meetings, that works too. No need to block out an hour for e-learning. Also, no need to cage learning to the LMS. The modules can sit in a LMS, but they can also be integrated into other systems in which decisions are enhanced with inclusive behavior (i.e. talent assessment portals, talent acquisition systems, etc).

On top of the engaging easily digestible format, is the disrupted pricing module. Whereas, it used to cost you $20 or more per user, these modules literally can cost pennies per user. Petite Div-I’s™ have unleashed learning for today’s learner. Finally e-learning that has caught up to u-learning!

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