The Rise of Unconscious Bias

By March 24, 2015 Uncategorized No Comments

Have you heard about unconscious bias in the workplace? If not, you soon will. As the field of Diversity and Inclusion continually evolves, so does the approach to create a more inclusive workplace. Google can give us a quick look at our online collective curiosity. Prior to 2008 (click on chart), there was no measureable amount of searches for the term “unconscious bias.” What a difference four years can make. This term is now accounting for thousands of searches. Why you ask?

Well, the short answer is unconscious bias is changing the conversation today (check out this Diversity Executive article). Leadership development is positive and focused on behaviors which can be changed for a better outcome. At The Dagoba Group, we have been able to build upon a foundation of solid cross-disciplinary research to fine tune development on this subject to more closely equate impact with the original intent and move from awareness to action.

Unconscious Bias leadership development can be focused on specific workforce applications such as interviewing and candidate selection to performance management. Or it can be utilized to leverage a better approach to everyday business decisions. Some of our clients are calling unconscious bias development D&I 2.0 and rightfully so. It is allowing companies to move their discussions forward to measurable results.

Unlike some diversity training, unconscious bias development easily crosses borders allowing global corporations to have a consistent conversation regardless of their footprint. It also allows them to expand D&I to the marketplace by building a more inclusive relationship with their client base. If you have not had the conversation yet, now is a good time. If you have had the conversation, but are trying to more fully leverage it for sustainable impact, give us a call.