Our team consists of full time Dagoba Group employees and networked consultants. Rest assured your engagement will be staffed by a consultant who possesses a minimum of 10 years of specialty in their field. We are a New England based firm with 60% of our business outside of the US.

In order to be a globally focused firm, one needs to have a global team. Our geographic footprint reaches from California to Boston to Glasgow to Tel Aviv to Singapore and many places in between. Our core language is English, but many of our consultants possess native and secondary language skills beyond English.

The group blends both an inward facing approach (employees, leaders, systems) with a marketplace view (clients, industries). Our globally acclaimed Unconscious Bias Series and LGBT Development have helped organizations achieve higher acquisition, productivity and retention of employees while also leveraging an inclusive approach to achieve increased acquisition, retention and innovation with clients. In the era of global business and the need to acquire as well as retain the most productive employees, it is not uncommon for our clients to want to integrate both D&I with their customer relationship management initiatives.

If you are a tenured (10+ years experience) consulting professional seeking new opportunities, please contact us.

"We wanted our sales leadership to connect with diversity
and inclusion. Mason accomplished that and more."

− Director of Sales L&D, Global Bank

"Mark is a conscientious and passionate professional who works in both the diversity and inclusion and leadership development arenas. I have known Mark both personally and professionally for twenty years and have always had the highest regard for his insight, performance, and ethics."

− President/Managing Director, Global Solutions

"Mason's talk immediately resonated with our senior executives."

− CDO, Energy Industry

"Mark was instrumental in helping our senior leaders get a clear understanding of the benefits of an inclusive climate. He helped our leaders examine their own behaviors and practices and improve them. This had a tangible business and financial impact. I highly recommend Mark to any large global organization that is looking to tap the benefits of inclusion."

− Director of D&I, Defense Manufacturer