The Dagoba Group is an integrated global Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement consulting practice with specialties in Unconscious Bias, Work-Life Balance, Leadership Dynamics, and Client Engagement. With over 20 years of experience working across 5 continents, we help leaders take tangible next steps to enhance inclusion and optimize teams. Our best selling book, The Inclusion Dividend, is leveraged as a leading guide for corporations and universities worldwide.

The mission of The Dagoba Group is to help organizations understand and leverage the largely untapped talent, experience and knowledge of employees that have been generated by background, culture, and life experience.

By understanding these experiences you can create strategies that tap into the deep well of knowledge that is present in a diverse productive workforce, while at the same time minimizing risk. With margins already tight and cost reduction strategies limited, significant growth will come from new ideas. A diverse engaged team that is encouraged to share unique perspectives will beat a team composed of staff with similar backgrounds hands down, every time.

In today’s increasingly diverse, complex and interconnected world, leadership means getting out of the “safe zone” and working effectively across difference.  The Dagoba Group helps individuals and organizations develop the competence required to create a competitive advantage.

We do this by:

  • Creating strategic plans that are integrated into the overall business plan.
  • Assessing challenges and opportunities.
  • Consulting to executive management to sponsor and oversee a change process.
  • Coaching and developing leaders competent in leading in a diverse, multicultural environment.
  • Training to develop diversity awareness and skills at all levels of the organization.
  • Developing internal capacity to manage diversity efforts in an ongoing way.

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Mason Donovan

Mason Donovan

Global Inclusion Strategist, Best Selling Author, Employee Engagement Expert

Mark Kaplan

Mark Kaplan

Seasoned Global Expert in Diversity and Inclusion Corporate Strategy

"We wanted our sales leadership to connect with diversity
and inclusion. Mason accomplished that and more."

− Director of Sales L&D, Global Bank

"Mark is a conscientious and passionate professional who works in both the diversity and inclusion and leadership development arenas. I have known Mark both personally and professionally for twenty years and have always had the highest regard for his insight, performance, and ethics."

− President/Managing Director, Global Solutions

"Mason's talk immediately resonated with our senior executives."

− CDO, Energy Industry

"Mark was instrumental in helping our senior leaders get a clear understanding of the benefits of an inclusive climate. He helped our leaders examine their own behaviors and practices and improve them. This had a tangible business and financial impact. I highly recommend Mark to any large global organization that is looking to tap the benefits of inclusion."

− Director of D&I, Defense Manufacturer